Predictive Maintenance

HYDAC helps you to use sensor technology correctly, process the signals from them, and analyze, notify and store the information.

Predictive maintenance is made possible by the use of smart condition monitoring.

Using sensors which measure continuously in the hydraulic fluid provides critical parameters to analyze the life of your system and to predict the life of its components.

We are your shortcut to predictive maintenance and Industry 4.0 in hydraulic and lubrication systems.


Local display, as well as the possibility of transmitting signals with 4-20mA.

An FMMP module is used and must be connected to the pressure side of your system. A pressure of 15-300 bar is needed.

Included in Level 1: A particle counter and water sensor (or multisensor HLB) mounted on control block type FMMP.


Local display, the possibility to read and store in the mobile app as well as forward the measurement data via ModBus TCP on LAN or WLAN.

A CSM-E pump module is used for connection to low pressure, return line or tank.

Included in Level 2: A particle counter and water sensor (or multisensor HLB) delivered with integrated pump, valve block and adapter for ModBus via WLAN and LAN and to the app FLUMOS MOBILE.


Our CMX concept is tailored to your needs.


"Industry 4.0" stands for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and is often defined as the "merging" of innovative information / communication technology with the manufacturing industry or as the "Internet of Things and Services" in the industrial sector.

This will provide a new level of organization and control of the entire value chain throughout the product life cycle. The life cycle is then defined as everything from the idea, development, adaptation, production and delivery of the product to the end customer, to recycling and associated services. The key is access to real-time information at all stages.

By connecting people, objects and systems, networks are created that are dynamic, real-time optimized and self-organizing, and that can be optimized in terms of cost, availability and use of resources.

HYDAC provides sensors that provide real-time state information as well as analytics and advice for optimizing your process systems.

Sensors med IO-Link are one of the steps towards more accessible information.